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Barren Ground Caribou Shoulder Mount O-114C

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* Great Barren Ground Caribou

* 46+” Beams

* Overall: 38″ D x 39″ W x 58″ H



This is a great sized Alaskan caribou with all the features one looks for in a big bull. He has the double shovels, nice length and has rear “kickers” on both beams… An Alaska trophy that was taken on the South side of the Brooks range several years ago. He has nice width at 39″ max outside to outside. Each beam measures over 46″ in length. “Kickers” are the tines (or points) that come off the back of the beam on the lower half of each antler. (See attached photos.) Also note that he has a great bell with super coloring and is in condition!

Taxidermy workmanship is excellent and features a head forward-looking forward pose. The pose helps with the overall mount height so as not to require too much extra ceiling height for a good display. We have rated this shoulder mount as an “Excellent” product. The bull will make a great addition to a North American game collection or as a stand alone type piece. He would look great in the home or lodge and could work nicely in a business as well.

Overall mount dimensions are 38″ deep x 39″ wide x 58″ high. So plan accordingly for the wall space that will be required for a mount like this to be properly displayed and appreciated!