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Alaska Caribou Taxidermy for sale. O-115C


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* Beautiful mount with full velvet

* Premier quality mount

* Alaskan Barren Ground Caribou



Here we have a beautiful example of an Alaskan Barren Ground Caribou that still has the velvet on! A great, life-like example of the species that would look great with any collection of North American big game species. This mount features a looking forward, sneak pose. Nice coloring and good hair thickness, showing a nice even color pattern. While this is not a large, trophy size rack, this still is a great example and has beautifully preserved velvet. We have awarded this mount “Premier” and feel that it is a prime example of the species worthy of display and appreciation.

Overall taxidermy size is 52″ high/tall x 28″ wide x 37″(inches) deep. Mount hangs on single, well secured fastener.