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Bison/Buffalo shoulder mount for sale. O-119BI


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* Large bull bison

* Great horns scoring 57 6/8″

* Dark, thick coat



This is a great sized North American bison (also called “Buffalo”). Great horn size on this mount with lengths of 16 5/8″ and 17 3/8″. Bases measure 11 2/8″ and 11 4/8″ (inches). Classic pose with head forward, looking forward. Mount is facing downward, so for best view and appreciation, this bull should be hung above eye level and looking down into the room.

Overall mount size is 44″ tall x 28″ wide x 35″ deep. Buffalo are large mounts and require a good amount of space from which to be seen and appreciated in a room. As mentioned above, this item is best appreciated when looking up at the face of the mount. Mount hangs on a single, well-secured fastener. Bracket is in place for hanging. This is a great wildlife piece for the home, cabin, lodge or business location. Add to a collection of big game species, or use as a feature piece.