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Vintage Moose Taxidermy mount for sale. O-119M


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* Vintage class bull moose

* Large 43″ wide rack



Here we have a “Vintage” class item that is in “Cabin” grade. Mount features a sneak pose with head straight forward, looking into the room. This bull moose does have a large set of antlers that span 43 1/2″ (inches) at the widest spread. A good width and nice heavy paddles with a total of 22 “points” between the 2 sides. This bull was believed to have been taken in Canada in the 1960’s.

There are several areas that have sustained damage or that were not done to the best of quality in this taxidermy mount. The seam on the top of the head (not visible from front view) have pulled apart and do not cover the form. The lip, mouth and nose have minor damage that has been sustained at some point in this mounts lifetime… Also, the cape has faded from the original color that it would have had. This is likely due to improper display in direct sunlight. Still with antlers this size and the species that it is, it would make a decent display in the right location or purchase this taxidermy to be used as a prop.

While this is a “neck” mount, it still is a large item that requires a large space to mount and display in. Overall depth (wall into the room) is 37″ (inches) with a width of 44″ and height of 42″. Allow plenty of space for display and appreciation of large mounts.