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Horns Antlers Skulls

Rocky Mountain Elk European Mount for Sale. E-117E

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* Great white skull with eye appeal

* Nice 5 x 6 point rag horn bull

* Easy install and display


This is a great looking Rocky Mountain Elk mount. Great white skull color combined with a nice rack that has 11 total points (5 x 6 rack). Beams have nice coloring with good mass and tine lengths. This set of antlers is what would be referred to as a “rag horn” bull. (A term used to describe a bull that is not a full mature elk with a 6 x 6 rack (or greater…)

European mounts offer a great way to display antlers that gives a different look than a traditional shoulder mount. Also this type of mount requires less depth of space (coming into the room) and so can be more practical in tighter spaces. This mount measures 32″ deep by 34″ high by 39″ width. Max width of horns is 38 3/8″ (measured outside to outside). Distance between the tips is 35 6/8″.

This mount hangs from a single well-secured screw and comes with a cord for quick, easy installation. Elk mounts make great additions to any collection or can be appreciated as a stand alone type item. Elk make great featured mounts for the home, cabin, lodge or business.