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Whitetail Buck Shoulder Mount for Sale W-133

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* Great head forward, left facing pose

* Large 5 x 7 rack with heavy beams

* Excellent workmanship



This is a great 12 point Whitetail buck shoulder mount that we have just gotten in. Here we have a great sized deer that comes from the Rocky Mountains of western Idaho. This taxidermy mount features a head forward, left facing pose. The workmanship is excellent on this trophy sized buck.

Besides excellent workmanship, this mount features an excellent sized rack! This rack measures a maximum width at the widest point of 23 2/8″ measured on the outside of beams. There are a total of 12 points (Eastern count) with 5 on the left and 7 on the right side. (See attached photos) The second eye guard has broken off at some time, probably during a fight…

Overall mount dimensions are 30″ deep x 36″ high x 23″ wide. This rack has great heavy beams and nice tine length to compliment professional craftsmanship so we have awarded this piece a score of “Excellent” on our taxidermy grading system. All in all, an exceptional mount that would go well with any collection of North American big game species in either the home or the business.