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Whitetail Shoulder Mount for Sale (18 point rack) W-132


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* Massive 18 point rack
* Head up, facing left pose
* Heavy beams, large antlers



We were able to just acquire this mount with a massively heavy rack for a whitetail! This is a great shoulder mount with a head up, looking left into the room. This Idaho buck boasts a great 9 x 9 or 18 point rack (Eastern count). Also this rack is wonderfully symmetrical given the mass of his rack and the large number of tines. This buck has a total maximum width of 20″ but what sets this rack apart is the heavy beams and frame. Lots of volume here! This trophy mount would make a great stand alone piece or could compliment a collection of North American large game species…

Whitetails are one of the most abundant species in all of North America and are thus commonly found as taxidermy mounts. But this is a buck that commands attention among its’ peers… Aside from a huge set of antlers, he exhibits nice coloring and a great pose. The one detracting mark that we could discount him for is the damage to his left ear. (see attached photos) Even with this detractor, we felt to award this wildlife mount a score of “Excellent”.

This mount registers overall dimensions of 26″ (depth) x 40″ (high) x 21″ (width). Maximum antlers width is 20 0/8″ inches measured at the outside.