Taxidermy Mounts

Whitetail Trophy Class taxidermy mount for sale. W-109S


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* Trophy class 8 x 7 rack

* Premier workmanship

* Great pose and display piece



Here we have a great non-typical whitetail buck. Excellent rack on this one with a pedestal base and terrific pose! Mount looks to his right, directly into the room. A great looking mount that will compliment any collection of North American big game, or as a stand alone piece. Feature this piece in the home, cabin, lodge or business. Wonderful taxidermy workmanship make this an ideal piece to add to any setting or group of mounts.

This buck has a great sized 8 x 7 (15 total “legal” points) rack. Nice heavy beams with a total width of 18″ (inches) measured at the widest point. Overall mount dimensions are 24″ deep x 21″ wide x 40″ tall. Allow ample space for full appreciation of this trophy class buck. The cording on the back of the mount (wall side) is loose, but otherwise a great mount that we have graded as “Excellent”.