Taxidermy Mounts

Walleye taxidermy mount for sale. F-114WA


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* Premier quality fish mount

* 24″ Walleye

* Real skin with real crayfish



This is a beautiful mount of a walleye diving after a crawdad or crayfish. It’s a great real skin mount and not a reproduction item. Also used are real crayfish (3) attached to the mount at the gravel and on the driftwood upright. (See attached photos) A great display piece for any setting that would be wanting to exhibit the out of doors. A great high quality mount with a great terrain base earn this item a rating of “Premier” taxidermy work.

Overall fish size is 24 inches with a girth of 14 1/2″. Overall mount size is 28″ long x 16″ wide x 34″ (inches) tall. These measurements do not account for the cedar base that is sold separately. This item can be displayed on most flat surfaces such as a desk, shelf or on the floor.