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Whitetail Rack on Plaque for sale. W-140R


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* Nice “Vintage” whitetail item

* Solid wood plaque and leather wrap


This is a great vintage item! Nice set of Whitetail antlers, wrapped in leather with a solid wood plaque. This is an older set of antlers and at some point they appear to have had a clear coat applied to protect the antlers and preserve coloring. Rack boasts 9 total points (4 x 5) with about normal width, as well as average tine lengths. All-in-all, a very common looking rack for the most recognized big game species of North America.

Overall item measurements are 18″ high x 18″ wide x 15″ deep. Rack has an inside spread of 16 1/8″ at widest point. A couple of the tines have broken tips (see photos), which is not unusual. Add this item to your home, cabin or lodge for a great rustic American piece.