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Whitetail tanned taxidermy hide to buy. W-142H


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* Large 63″ x 45″ skin

* Great coloring and hair thickness



This is a good looking whitetail tanned hide that we just added along with a group of hides from Northwestern Montana. All were professionally tanned and are nice, supple, pliable skins. The whitetail pictured here has good hair length and thickness. Nice coloring which is typical for fall whitetails. The tail is not with the skin and there are several holes that were cut during the skinning process (see attached photos), which caused this item to rate as “Nice” rather than getting a higher grade, but still makes a good item for display.

The hide or skin featured here has overall dimensions of 63″ length x 45″ (inches) wide. It could be draped over furniture, laid on the floor or even hung on the wall. Add this item to the home, cabin, lodge or business for a great wildlife flavor or accent.