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African Nyala Taxidermy Mount for Sale. X-126NY


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* Amazing color contrasts

* Horn lengths of 23 5/8″ and 24″

* Excellent bull in great pose



Here is a great example of an African Nyala. This mount has the great contrasting colors of brown with white high lights. Great hair length and thickness on a great pose make this a coveted piece for anyone working on a collection of African game species. The bull featured here has great horn size to go with his nice coloring. The pose has head up and looking forward, slightly to his left into the room.

Overall mount dimensions are: 25″ deep (coming into the room) x 26″ tall x 18″ wide. Mount is supported by a single, well anchored screw.

Horns measure 23 5/8″ and 24 0/8″ with circumferences of 6 3/8″ and 6 4/8″. He achieves a rough SCI score of 60 4/8″. We would have awarded him a “Premier” class mount except that he has some minor damage to the horns where they meet the hair line. This is only visible upon close inspection. So we faulted him and have graded this taxidermy trophy an “Excellent” instead.