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African Eland Shoulder Mount for Sale. X-117E


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* Hard to find species

* Overall 41″ x 27″ x 53″

* Horns at 23 5/8″ & 24 2/8″



This is a very nice sized South African Eland bull shoulder mount. He has nice horn size (approximately 23 5/8″ and 24 2/8″) and a great pose! The fault with this exotic mount comes from improper storage… If you look at the attached photos you will see that his left side of face and neck have suffered hair loss. While this is a species without a thick coat of hair coverage to begin with, it is still evident damage to the mount. Because of the subject (Eland) being a scarce species to find, we have still chosen to add him to our collection. Know in advance that he is not in a pristine showroom category, but rather in a lesser grade… Still he has good horn size and is a great subject matter in an excellent pose. We feel that there are still displays that he would do justice.

This mount measures 41″ (inches) deep x 27″ wide x 53″ high. He requires a good bit of space so plan accordingly. He will hang on a single well anchored screw. He has a head forward pose and faces to his right looking into the room.

As part of a collection of exotic African game mounts, we were able to acquire this nice sized Eland bull recently. We got this one along with several other species from the personal collection of a wildlife biologist who was able to hunt many parts of the world including on the continent of Africa. Check our other exotic listings for more from this group of beautiful mounts!