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Eland Bull Pedestal Mount for sale. X-148EL


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* Trophy class bull (SCI Bronze Medal class)

* Incredible life like appearance

* “Premier” quality taxidermy!



Here we have an exceptional taxidermy listing of an African “Livingstone” Eland. This bull is a trophy for his size as well as for the workmanship on him. We have rated this as “Premier” for overall size and condition. He is truly a beautiful mount that would make a great addition to any collection. I have added pictures to show the great detail work in the neck, shoulders and dewlap. Taxidermy work was done by the renowned Jonas Brothers.

Aside from being an incredibly detailed taxidermy piece, this is also an SCI (Safari Club International) Medal Class bull! He has horns with lengths over 26″ (inches) each with bases measuring 10 6/8 and 11 0/8″. The distance between the tips is 15 7/8″. This piece is the finest we have ever seen of an African Eland.

Overall mount size is 88″ high x 50″ deep (nose to back) x 28″ wide. Allow ample space for display and appreciation of this piece. The base is a fine piece made of hard wood and makes an elegant addition to the mount that is holds. The pedestal allows for a great view from all angles limited only by your space for display. He is posing head forward with a turn to his left looking into the room. (See attached photos)

Livingstone Eland can be found in several nations of Eastern Africa. This bull was taken in Zimbabwe in 2003.