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Blue Wildebeest Taxidermy mount for sale. X-124WI


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* Great sized African Wildebeest

* Good color and pose

* Overall: 27″D x 32″H x 28″W



Blue Wildebeest are one of the most recognized species from all of Africa. They are a classic mount that is highly desired and collected. They live in herds and are dependent on water sources as they move about the continent for forage and safety. Bulls make great mounts and compliment collections of exotic game. Also they make a great focal piece for a room in the home, lodge or office.

This taxidermy mount features a wildebeest bull with his head forward, looking to his right into the room. He has great coloring and a large set of horns. There are some small chips in the boss on each horn. (See attached photos). The “boss” is the large portion of the horn that attaches to the skull. Aside from this, he is in premier condition.

Overall mount dimensions are 27″ deep x 32″ high/tall x 28″ wide. Wildebeest require a considerable space for proper display, so plan your decorating accordingly. He is hung on a single, well secured screw.