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Tsessebe Shoulder Taxidermy mount for sale. X-167TS


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* SCI Gold Medal class horns

* Good coloring and hair thickness

* Excellent rated overall quality



Listed here is a great looking Gold Medal class African Tsessebe (also called “Sassaby”). This mount has great horn sizes with lengths over 16″ and bases measuring 8″(inches) each. Total SCI score is 49 1/8″ which exceeds minimum for Gold Medal classification. Nicely done taxidermy having a pose of head up with a slight right turn looking into the room. Great item for the wildlife enthusiast that has a collection of African or exotic type mounts. This item has sustained minor damage to the top of the right ear and it has been repaired. Overall an “Excellent” item.

Tsessebe, pronounced “Sass-a-be”, they are among the large species of African antelope. The horns of this species are not as spectacular as horns on Sable, Waterbuck or Kudu, but still they have a unique and distinguished look and make a great addition to an African species collection. This mount has overall dimensions measuring 37″ high x 17″ wide x 29″(inches) deep. Bull hangs on a single, well secured fastener.