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Gerenuk Taxidermy Shoulder mount for sale. X-158GE


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* SCI Medal class

* Work by Jonas Brothers Taxidermy

* Excellent African species



Here is a harder to find species and most beautiful from Africa, the Gerenuk. Expert taxidermy from the renowned shop of Jonas Brothers in Seattle make this a perfect example to add to your collection. Highest quality of workmanship on this taxidermy shoulder mounted gazelle that is in pristine condition. Pose features a head up looking very slightly to his left into the room. Great pose for accenting the mount and the great sized horns that he has. Given the pose, mount size and workmanship, this item has been awarded a rating of “Excellent”. He would have achieved our highest workmanship award of Premier, except that he has sustained ear damage on the left ear (noticeable at the base of the ear or from behind the head.) He would grace any collection of African or wildlife species.

This is a SCI Bronze Medal class Gerenuk taxidermy mount for sale. Horns have a raw score of 34 5/8″ with lengths of 12 1/8″ and 12 0/8″. Bases measure 5 2/8″ (inches) each. Great horns for the species and trophy worthy for display in home, cabin, lodge or business. Mount hangs on a single fastener. Overall dimensions are 35″ high/tall x 12″ wide x 17″ deep.