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Bush Duiker Shoulder Mount for sale. X-138DU


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* Great red coloring

* Excellent pose

* Exotic African species



This Bush Duiker is mounted in a head up, looking to his right into the room. Nice sized horns for the species with a great hair color and thickness help this earn a rating of “Excellent”! He is a great example for addition to any collection of exotic or African game species. Somewhere along the line this buck got a broken horn (see attached photos). Still he manages horn lengths great than 2″ on each side.

This mount has a height of 13″, being 6″ wide and protruding 10″ into the room. He hangs from a single screw or nail on a bracket provided.

Bush Duiker live in the savannas throughout Africa. They are omnivores and their diet consists of grasses, berries and fruits that grow near the ground. This species of Duiker has a great red color to their coat that lends to excellent eye appeal.