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Full Body Thomson’s Gazelle taxidermy for sale. X-168TG


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* Great life-like full body mount

* Beautiful example for species



Here we have a beautiful life size taxidermy mount of a Thomson’s Gazelle! Starting with the taxidermy work, this is “Excellent” quality with a great life-like pose. It stands on a terrain base that hangs on the wall. It gives a depth of soil view that reveals the roots and layers to the ground beneath the gazelles’ feet. The buck is walking from left to right across the wall. Head is up with a slight turn toward the room. Overall a beautiful taxidermy work!

The horns on this buck measure 10 2/8″ and 10 3/8″ in length with bases of 4 3/8″ (inches) each. Buy this beautiful taxidermy item for display with a collection or as a feature piece for the lodge, home or business. Would go great with a collection of African gazelle and antelope or to use as a stand alone feature item.

Overall mount measures 39″ long x 59″ tall x 14″ deep. Mount hangs on 2 well secured fasteners. Beautiful African species that needs a good wall space for proper display and appreciation!