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India Blackbuck Life Size Mount for Sale. X-120BB


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* Great medal class horns

* Excellent view from all angles

* Life like terrain



This is a gorgeous life sized mount of an Indian Blackbuck. Great pose on a base that looks like the native plain where these can be found. A mount like this can be appreciated from every angle. (See attached photos) He is posed looking back over his left side with feet set as if about to walk. The base is decorated with a native type grass is on the base that looks like the dry earth of their native habitat.

Aside from a great pose and mount, this buck has a magnificent set of horns that would qualify for Bronze Medal classification by the SCI (or Safari Club International). Horn lengths are 22 6/8″ and 23 0/8″. Base circumferences are 4 6/8″ and 4 7/8″. Total raw score of 55 3/8″. A great trophy class specimen of a beautiful species. All factors considered, he has earned a rating of “Premier” in our collection.

Overall mount dimensions are 57″ high x 57″ long x 24″ deep. The base on this mount measures 51″ x 21 1/2″ in size. A mount of this quality would make a great addition to any collection of exotic species. He could work in a museum type setting or as a focal piece for the lodge or business with the ability to be viewed from many angles. This blackbuck exhibits great coloring and markings making him as excellent example for the species.