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Blackbuck Life Size Taxidermy Mount – X-111BB


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World Class

* SCI raw score of 67 5/8″ (Gold Classification)

* Excellent Life sized pose

* Great Taxidermy workmanship



This is a great life sized mount and features a trophy class Blackbuck. He has a great pose of a buck in mid-stride walking thru bunch grass. (See attached photos) The base is made of solid oak with native type grasses and terrain bringing a little extra to this life-like work. Aside from having a great pose and base, this is a trophy class Blackbuck and has earned a score of “World Class” for overall quality.

The horns on this guy are very large sized and achieve a raw SCI (Safari Club International) score of 67 5/8″ which ranks in the Gold classification. Horn lengths are 29 0/8″ (left side) and 28 7/8″ (right side). These horns measure 4 7/8″ circumferences on each side. The distance between tips of horns is 12 3/8″. This is a very symmetrical set of horns with great twist and coloring to go with a trophy class size.

Blackbuck are a type of antelope that are native to India. The males of the species have great horns that make a striking “V” shape. They are black to tan in color except for their light underbelly. Blackbuck have a distinct patch around their eyes.

This is an excellent mount of an award class Blackbuck making this item a great addition to any collection of exotic game. He is truly a museum quality buck. With this pose and size he would makes a great stand alone item for the business or home. Overall mount dimensions measure at 50″ high x 37″ long x 21″ deep.