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India Blackbuck Pedestal Mount for Sale. X-115B

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* Beautiful work on a pedestal mount

* Great hair color and pattern

* Excellent horn size/length



Here is a very nice pedestal mount of a Black Buck from India. We were able to acquire numerous mounts from a wildlife biologist and former FWP employee who enjoyed hunting around the world. This is one of several mounts that we are posting over the next few days from that collection. This mount can hang on the wall as seen in the attached photos or could be mounted on a pedestal or base for a display in the middle of a room. The buck is looking over his right shoulder into the room. A nice sized buck with beautiful horns! Given the workmanship as well as the subject matter, we are rating this mount an “Premier” item.

The mount requires a space that is at least 18″ deep x 21″ wide x 33″ high. This is a beautiful species and would compliment a collection of exotic game mounts. He could also be used as a stand alone piece for that special spot in the home, lodge or business. Black buck have distinctive color patterns and a unique style of horns that make them a highly recognizable species.