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Chamois Shoulder Mount on Plaque X-110C

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* Great heads up, facing left pose
* 25 7/8″ Gold Medal Score
* 9 5/8″ Horn length



This is a great shoulder mount of a Chamois buck. It is mounted on a molded plaque with a cool design (see photos attached). This is an older mount but still in excellent condition. It has great horns and has a rough score that qualifies it for the Safari Club Award category. The horns each measure at 9 5/8″ in length and have base circumferences of 3 2/8 and 3 3/8″. This gives a raw score of 25 7/8″ (or 25.875 decimal score) which qualifies it as a Gold Medal Scoring example for the species.
The Chamois is a native species to mountainous areas in Europe. They can also be found in New Zealand. Males and females each have horns, but the males achieve a larger size in regards to these as well as overall body size.
This mount is posed heads up and is looking left into the room. Overall mount size is 17″ deep x 12″ wide x 20″ high. Maximum width for horns is 5 4/8″ with a width of 4 2/8″ at the tips.