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African Bushbuck Life Size Mount for sale. X-121BU


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* Great life sized mount

* Life like base and pose

* Silver medal class horns (SCI)

* Over 12″ horns



Here is a great looking life sized mount of a South Africa Bushbuck. He is a nice sized buck with good horn mass and coloring. This mount is a beautiful piece of taxidermy workmanship and looks great on a wall! The base looks like a ledge of dry ground and is undercut for nice definition to the mount. Base also has native type grasses coming up from the ground at his feet. The base does have a couple fine cracks across the ground. (See attached photos) Pose is walking with head forward and facing into the room. Overall workmanship and subject matter combined with great horns have earned this listing a rating of “Excellent”.

This taxidermy piece is a great item and would look amazing in the business, showroom, lodge or home. Add him to your collection of African game species or use as a stand alone piece for display. He does require a fair amount of wall space, so plan accordingly where he will go. Overall mount dimensions are: 53″ long x 45″ high x 24″ deep. He is walking along the ledge and facing over his right looking into the room. Horn sizes are 12 7/8″ and 12 5/8″ with bases that measure 5 5/8″ and 5 6/8″. His raw score or 36 7/8″ qualifies him for the SCI (Safari Club International) silver medal classification.