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Addax Bull Taxidermy mount for sale. X-140AD


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* Great coloring!

* Horns over 24″ in length

* Hard to find mount



This is a great looking Addax mount with good horn size and detailed workmanship earning a “Excellent” rating. Also known as “Screw-horn antelope” or “White Antelope”, Addax are native to the Sahara desert of Africa. Addax are known for their light (almost white) coloring over their entire body(hence the name “White Antelope”) with the exception of the dark blaze on their forehead. They have a spectacular horn that is ringed and has a twist going back over the bulls’ head and shoulders.

Here we have a nice bull with horns measuring 25 4/8″ and 24 1/8″ (inches) in length. Note that the right horn is missing the tip which partially accounts for it being a little shorter than it’s counterpart on the left. Bases measure 5 3/8″ each.

Overall mount size is 44″ high/tall x 18″ wide x 25″ deep. Mount hangs on a single, well secured fastener. This White Antelope has been graded as Excellent and missed a higher score because of a bare spot on his chest where he had worn the hair off. (see attached photos in detail on his left side) He is still a great looking mount with head up and facing toward his left into the room.

“Montana Only” item… As Addax are on the list of endangered species, I can not ship this item out of state. Purchaser must be a Montana citizen. No exceptions.