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Impala Shoulder Mount X-113I


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* Great pose and coloring!

* Overall mount is 22″D x 19″W x 36″H

* Horns that are 22 2/8″ and 22 1/8″.

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Here is a great Impala mount that we have for you to appreciate. It is a great mount with excellent coloring and pose, featuring head up and facing right into the room. Nice sized horns and great workmanship have earned this mount a rating of “Excellent”. This item would have ranked as “Premier” except there is some irregularity in the right ear. It appears that this buck had been in a fight at sometime as there is a notch in his ear. (See attached photo)

Overall dimensions for this taxidermy work are 22″ deep x 19″ wide x 36″ high. The maximum outside width of horns is 14 7/8 inches. There is 9 3/8″ between the tips of the rack. This mount comes with a bracket on back for quick wall mounting on a single screw with solid support. Excellent horns that measure 22 2/8″ and 22 1/8″ with bases of 4 7/8 and 5″ respectively. So he has a gross score of 54 2/8″ which would qualify him as a medal class Impala.

This is a beautiful Impala mount from South Africa. We acquired this great mount as a part of the Ford Estate. He was a wildlife biologist and worked with U.S. FWP. and had a sizable collection which we had the opportunity to purchase. There are some great mounts from South Africa as well as some North American large game species. We are pleased to offer these for your consideration.