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Greater Kudu Pair- Taxidermy mount for sale. X-148KU


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* Gorgeous pair of Greater Kudu

* Showroom quality taxidermy item

* SCI Awards class horns



Here we have a center piece taxidermy item for the serious collector of African or exotic species! A breath taking piece featuring a SCI trophy class bull that is accompanied by a cow (or doe) of the species on his shoulder… This item is expertly crafted and sits atop a base that features alternating inset panels of kudu and zebra skin on the 6 sides (see attached photos).

This bull has great horns that measure 49-0/8″ (right side) and 49 6/8″ (left) with bases each measuring 10 3/8″. Great twists that culminate in ivory tips. SCI Awards class qualifier. The doe (or cow) on his shoulder makes a beautiful companion with complimenting attentive ears and focus.

Allow ample space for this huge taxidermy piece. Overall mount height is 8’7″ and is approximately 5′ wide and 3′ deep. A masterpiece like this requires a great deal of display space to be fully appreciated. the base itself measures 30″(inches) tall and is 21″ across at the flat panels displaying the zebra and kudu skin in-sets.

This item does have a couple detractors that kept it from scoring higher. The horns of this bull have been reattached and have a small gap at the back of the head where the horns meet the scalp. The wood base has a small ding on one point that is at the back of the mount. Also 2 of the rocks in the base have been damaged (see attached photos). If not for these minor detractors, this would have scored as a “World Class” taxidermy item. Due to this, the price has been marked down to compensate for the grade.

All-in-all a great one-of-a-kind mount that is perfect for the showroom that features large game from the continent of Africa. Add this to any collection of exotic game species.