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Springbok taxidermy collection for sale. X-136SB


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* “Premier” quality taxidermy collection

* All 4 color varieties of species

* Great looking matched examples



This is an amazing collection of Springbok with each of the colors represented for the species: black, white, copper and common (or cape) varieties. These were assembled with an emphasis on getting close to the same sized horns on each one. You can see from attached photos that there are multiple ways to arrange the mounts on the display base. Heads can be oriented in different directions. Different order can be given to the various heads as well… This collection with base, are in competition grade workmanship. This is truly a “Premier” quality mount.

This item comes with a solid wood base and “pole” for hanging mounts to display as a collection. Overall size varies with the arrangement and orientation of the heads on the pole. Overall height is approximately 94″ (inches). While width and depth vary, it is approximately 36″ x 42″ of floor space required for this taxidermy item.

A gorgeous taxidermy item for the lodge, cabin, showroom or home. Add this group to a collection of African/exotic taxidermy mounts. Superior workmanship and a unique collection make this an amazing item for your enjoyment as well as for all those with whom you choose to share it!