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Cape Buffalo Skull for sale. X-161CB


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* Large 28″ horns

* Hard to find skull


Here is a large sized skull of an African Cape Buffalo. This skull is not as white as I like to see, but it is in good overall condition and sports a large sized set of horns. These horns measure just over 28″(inches) long and have a good boss measuring 27″. Cape buffalo skulls are not an easy to find item among the exotic species. Overall we rate this item as “Excellent”.

Overall skull size is 24″ long x 36″ wide x 13″ high or deep. Paperwork attached gives credit to Peters Taxidermy of Graham, Washington for the workmanship on this piece. Metal plate is still attached thru the eye socket for identification in shipping/handling. Buy this taxidermy item for display in the home, cabin, lodge or office. Add to a collection of African game heads or use as a feature piece.