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Warthog European Skull/Tusk taxidermy for sale. X-151WH


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* Hard to find skull mount

* Good upper/lower tusk lengths


Here is a great sized Warthog that has been European-style mounted on a solid wood plaque. Great tusk sizes with uppers being 7 13/16″ & 7 10/16″. Circumferences of 4 1/16″ & 3 15/16″. Lower tusks measure 7 3/16″ & 6 11/16″. Skull is mostly white with some yellow spots (see attached photos).

Overall mount size is 19″ (inches) long x 13″ wide x 11″ deep. It hangs on a single screw or nail or could also be displayed on a horizontal surface. Mount is attached to a solid wood plaque that is “home made” and is not real symmetrical. This combined with the yellow on the skull and some glue runs on plaque (see attached photos) have led us to dock this item and rate it merely as “Nice”. Add this item to a collection of African or exotic European mounts or use as a conversation piece for the cabin, lodge or business.