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Colorado Elk Shoulder Mount E-112M

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* Nice looking 5 x 5 bull

* Great coloring and pose

* Dimensions: 30″ W x 60″ H x 42″ D



Just was able to add a great looking Colorado bull elk! This is a typical 5 x 5 (10 point Eastern count) rack with nice tine length. He has a nice pose with head forward and facing forward into the room. Great hair coloring and excellent workmanship by the taxidermist lead us to rate this shoulder mount as “Excellent”.

The rack on this bull measures 29 1/8″ at the widest outside width and is 26 7/8″ between the tips. The overall mount dimensions come in at 42″ deep (wall to nose) x 30″ wide x 60″ high. He requires a good amount of height so plan accordingly anytime you are adding an elk to display for your home, lodge or business.

Elk mounts make a great addition to any collection of North American big game species. This one comes in a classic pose and would go great as part of a group or just as a stand alone type item…