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Corsican Ram Shoulder Mount S-115C

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+ Nice horn length and diameter

+ Great coloring and overall appearance



Here is a great example of a Corsican ram. This shoulder mount has great skin and hair with good coloring. Nice horn diameter and length add to this mount quality. We have awarded this item a grade of “Excellent” for overall workmanship and quality of item. This mount is in the head up, facing forward pose.
“Corsican” sheep refer to a wide variety of sheep that are a hybrid cross between one of the typical big game species and a domestic cousin. They can have a variety of horn shapes, hair coloring and overall animal appearance attributes.
Horns have bases of 7 4/8″ and lengths of 17 1/8″ and 19 3/8″.

Overall mount dimensions are: 15″ deep x 15″ wide x 25″ high.