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“Ducks Unlimited” Framed Print/Stamp & Medallion. Art work by Adam Grimm (2013). A-111DU

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* Limited Edition, signed and numbered print

* Has stamp, medallion and feather in-set

* Great wildlife art!



Here we have a great “Ducks Unlimited” print that is ready for display in the home, lodge, cabin or office. Print features Canvasback ducks at the edge of the water. A great piece that has been numbered and signed by the artist, Adam Grimm. Print is from 2013. With the print, you have an original Migratory Bird stamp for 2014-2015 waterfowl season. Also contained within the frame are a Ducks Unlimited medallion and a reproduction feather of a canvasback. (See attached photos)

Actual art print measures 9″ long by 6 1/2″ high. Overall frame dimensions are 19 1/4″ wide x 20 5/8″ tall. Piece has been professionally framed and matted and hangs from a single screw/fastener.