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Framed Print “Winter Wonder” by Leo Stans A-119PH


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* Professionally framed/matted

* Great game birds scene

* “National Parks Series”



Here is a beautiful “Collectors Edition” print of “Winter Wonder” by Leo Stans. Gorgeous subject matter of 3 Ring-necked pheasant searching for food in a barnyard covered in snow. Inset in the matting is a $8.00 stamp labeled “National Parks Series” and also a pair of medallions/coins labeled “National Earth Day 1990″ (see attached photos).

This is a professionally framed and matted piece with double mattes and a solid wood frame. This item comes with a hanger on back and is ready for immediate display. Purchase this art for appreciation in the home, cabin, lodge or office. It makes a great wildlife accent for any location and will be especially favored by those who admire North American game birds.

Overall item size is approximately 24 1/2″ tall x 20 1/2″ (inches) wide. Print is roughly 12″ tall x 9” wide.