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African Blesbok Shoulder mount for sale. X-135BL


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* Trophy class horns (SCI)

* Great markings/color

* Overall measures 21″ D x 33″H x 16″W



Here is a great looking Blesbok (Blesbuck) from southern Africa. This buck qualifies as a medal class mount with Safari Club International (SCI). He has a great set of horns with lengths of 15 2/8 and 14 7/8 inches with circumferences of 5 6/8″ on each side. Total horn sizes yield a score of 41 5/8″ which qualifies for a Bronze medal class.

The mount itself features a classic head up pose and he looks slightly to his left into the room. This Blesbok has the typical markings for the species and the easily identifiable horns that are characteristic of the males. Coloring is good as is hair quality and workmanship. The right ear has had a minor repair, but it is not noticed unless there is close inspection to the tip.

Overall mount size is 21″ deep x 33″ high x 16″ wide. We have rated this mount as “Excellent”. He would make a great addition to a collection of exotic or African species, or as a stand alone topic piece. A great mount to add to the home, lodge or business…