Taxidermy Mounts

Mule Deer taxidermy mount for sale. M-144S


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* Pose is head up, with a turn left

* 5 total points on rack

* Great lodge, cabin item



Here is a nicely done taxidermy mount of a Western Montana Mule Deer buck. Pose features a head up look with a mild turn to the left (buck’s left). Ears are out in a “listening” position. Good hair thickness and coloring. Overall mount qualifies for grade of “Excellent”.

This is not a large rack, but does have some character despite the size. Antlers have a total of 5 points between them (see photos) and have good tine length, which is typical among mule deer racks. While not a trophy sized buck, this item would still look great in the home, cabin, lodge or business. Add this mount to any collection of North American big game species.

Mount hangs on a single, well secured fastener, such as a nail or screw.