Great new Boone & Crockett ram added!

Was a great day today! I was able to add a beautiful Big Horn ram shoulder mount to my inventory… Not just any ram, but a Boone & Crockett scored ram with great 40″ horns! This mount features a head up pose and slight turn to his left looking into the room. Nice even colored cape, with good hair length and thickness.
This ram died of natural causes and was discovered along the Snake River of southern Idaho. The man who found the mount took it in to Fish & Game and was then given the ram. He had it scored at Boone & Crockett Club. Gross score came out to be 181 4/8 with a net of 180 3/8″. A large mature ram that was 12 1/2 years old and was large for that area.
This item is now available thru my website and would make a great addition to any one trying to complete a grand slam display of the North American sheep species. If one is not so inclined, he could be used as a feature piece in any collection or as a stand alone conversation piece in any location…
Sheep happen to be among my favorite species of North American big game and I am happy to offer this great trophy ram!

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