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Bear Skin Rug for sale. B-141R


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* Large size 6’5″ bear

* Double felt, quilted backing

* Great red/brown coloring



Here we have a large sized black bear in the red/brown phase. This is a superb job of taxidermy with a double-felted and quilted backing (see attached photos). Also it has the rings sewn on for hanging on the wall or to it can be displayed on the floor in the traditional manner. The bear is a large sized predator with a total length of 6’5″ nose to tail. All claws are intact and in great condition. The only fault with this taxidermy rug is that it was a fall harvested bear and as is typical of the season, the flanks are a little thin. Spring bear have the thicker fur all the way along their sides, but by fall, they have rubbed it thin. This item we have rated as “Premier” for large size and superior overall workmanship.

Overall item dimensions are 89″ long x 72″ wide. Nicely done taxidermy head with open mouth pose. Buy this taxidermy rug for display in the home, cabin, lodge or office. Add this black bear to the North American big game collection or use as a stand alone, feature piece.

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