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Taxidermy Mounts

Bull Elk Shoulder mount for sale. E-121S

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* Northern Rockies 5×5 Bull

* 30″ beams, 25 7/8″ wide

* Great pose with head forward



This is a nice bull elk from the Northern Rockies in Montana. Excellent taxidermy workmanship with a turned head pose. He faces slightly to his left looking into the room. Head is in the up and forward position. Good coloring and hair thickness. This bull is a 5 point (10 point Eastern count).

Overall mount dimensions for this taxidermy work are 59″ high x 30″ wide x 40″ deep. Maximum rack width is 25 7/8″ with 23 6/8″ spacing at the tips. Beams measure slightly over 30 inches in length. This item can be easily mounted and displayed from a single, well secured screw.