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Gemsbok/Oryx Taxidermy for sale. X-152OR


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* Great horn sizes over 37 inches each

* Head forward slight turn to pose

* Excellent quality mount for display



Here is one of the more beautiful species to come from Africa, the Gemsbok (also called Oryx) and one of my personal favorites. Oryx have great black and white patterns that emblazon their faces and create a distinct look. This example has a head forward and slight turn to the left (animal’s left) looking into the room. A great pose, with very good horn size make this an excellent example for display with any collection.

Horns measure 37 3/8″ and 38 0/8″ with bases of 6 5/8″ each. These horns measure enough length and mass to achieve the Medals class with SCI (Safari Club International). Overall mount size measures 56″ tall x 24″ wide x 31″ deep. When viewed up close, the mount has some visible seams on across the nose (see attached photos), which keep this mount from rating higher for overall quality. We have given this bull a rating of “Excellent”. He would go great with a collection of exotic or African mounts or used as a featured item for the home, cabin, lodge or business.