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Cross Ibex Mount for sale. S-116G


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* Great pose facing left into room.

* Horn lengths of 17″ & 17 1/8″

* Nice coloring and hair thickness.



This listing is a great looking Ibex hybrid. Nice shoulder mount with good coloring and hair thickness. Horns are in great condition and have nice curved shape. An unusual species to come across for a collection or as a stand alone piece for the home, lodge or business. This item is rated as Nice as it has been repaired at some point where it had damage to the ear. (See attached photos.)

This mount measures 16 inches deep (wall to nose) x 14″ wide x 25″ high. Horns measure 17″ and 17 1/8″. Measurement at base of horns are 6 3/8″ on each side. This billy (ram) faces to his left looking into the room.