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Nubian Ibex Taxidermy Shoulder Mount for sale. O-118I


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* Great 33″ class of horns

* Nice coloring and beard

* Attractive turned head pose



This Nubian Ibex is a vintage class trophy example of the species. This species is found in the Middle East and in portions of Africa. This one has great horns with a lot of mass and length. The one draw back on this male is the broken off tip on the right side horn. It has been mounted in a way to make the damage minimally noticeable. (See attached photos) He has head up with a sharp turn looking back over his right shoulder. This emphasizes his horns and make a great pose.

Mount size is 42″ high x 22″ wide x 21″ deep (extending into the room from the wall). He has horn lengths of 33 inches (left side) and 27 6/8″ on the right. Bases measure 8 1/8″ each. This mount hangs on a single, well-secured screw.

Due to the broken horn tip and some minor damages including the left ear, we have awarded this mount a grade of “Nice”. Still he makes a great show piece for an exotic mount that could be added to a collection in the home, cabin, lodge or business.