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India Nilgai Taxidermy Mount for Sale. X-142NI


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* Great coloring and pose

* Premier workmanship

* SCI Bronze Medal 28 4/8″



Nilgai or “Blue Bull” are the largest members of the antelope family found in Asia. Bulls can weigh as much as 700 pounds. Here we have a very nice looking bull that was taken in India. He displays great coloring with good hair thickness and normal length. He has good horn size with lengths being just over 8″ (inches) each with 6″ bases. Distance between the tips is 6 7/8″.

Workmanship on this taxidermy item is exceptional! We have awarded this mount as “Premier”, which is the highest grade for taxidermy quality. He comes just shy of making the SCI awards class but is a beautiful mount that would go wonderfully with any exotics collection or as a stand alone piece for display in the home, lodge or business.

Overall mount dimensions are 43″ high (or tall) x 16″ wide x 32″ deep. Mount hangs on a single well-secured screw or fastener. Hanging bracket is attached and ready for quick mount and appreciation.