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Life Sized Big Horn Ram on Taxidermy base for sale. S-127BH

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* Boone & Crockett Score 181 1/8″

* Premier Life Sized Mount

* Excellent Pose and form



Here is a “Premier” class Big Horn Sheep trophy. This mount features the highest grade of workmanship and detail. Excellent pose with life like form to this ram makes him a center piece of showroom quality. This large ram is standing atop a rocky formation with a broadside view as he is turned slightly to his left and looking down at something.

The ram himself is a great specimen because of his great horns and large frame size. He has been scored by Boone & Crockett and measured at 181 1/8″ (inches) of horn size. His bases measure 15 7/8″ and 16 0/8″ (inches). Lengths are 7 7/8″ and 39 7/8″. His horn was plugged. (See attached photos)

Overall mount size is approximately 80″ in length x 70″ high x 29″ deep. Because of this, you will need to allow ample space for display and appreciation from all angles. This museum quality piece would look great in the lodge, home or business as a focal piece or could be added to a collection. Due to the subject size, pose and overall quality he would look great being prominently displayed in a sporting goods store or showroom for any number of businesses.