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Mountain Goat “Billy” Taxidermy Mount for Sale. O-116G

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* Nice “Vintage” mount

* Good horn sizes at 7″, 7 4/8″

* Classic head forward pose



Here is a Billy goat taxidermy mount for sale. This is a vintage item, but in very nice condition! He has repairs done on one ear and also to the eye area, which is noticeable with close inspection. (See attached photos) Nice horn size and good hair length/thickness. It does have a little more gray in the coat toward the shoulders, but good white in the face and head.

Mount has classic head forward, facing forward pose. Horns measure 7 0/8″ and 7 4/8″. He would go great with a collection of North American game species or as a stand alone item in the home, lodge, cabin or business.

Overall dimensions for this Mountain Goat mount are: 24″H x 12″ W x 22″ D. Mount hangs from a single well secured screw.