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Prairie Rattlesnake Taxidermy Skin on slab wood for sale. R-102RS


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* Genuine Prairie Rattler

* Great live edge wood base

* Excellent color and pattern



This is a very cool taxidermy item featuring a Western Montana Prairie Rattlesnake. The skin displays a great pattern and coloring and has been stretched over a rough-sawn slab of wood. Back of wood has the bark which makes for a great rustic display. Rattlesnake has rattles intact (see photos), with the head having been removed.

Overall mount size is 50″ long x 9″ wide x approximately 2″ (inches) thick. Skin itself is 41 1/2 inches in length. Mount can be leaned against a wall or stable surface or could be laid down for display. Also it could have a hanger attached which would allow it to be hung on a wall (hanger not included).