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Reedbuck horns with leather wrap. X-147RB


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* Gold medal class Reedbuck (SCI)

* 13″ horns with 5 1/8″ bases

* Leather wrapped base


This set of horns is from a large sized African Reedbuck. These horns measure 13 0/8″ (inches) on each side. Each base measures 5 1/8″ in circumference, yielding him a net score of 36 2/8″. Which qualifies him as a gold medal class buck. (Minimum score for gold level is 26 4/8″). This is an exceptionally large set of horns for the species and would qualify him for record book entry.

The horns are wrapped with suede leather (see photos) and are ready for wall hanging. Mount measures 11″ wide x 11″ high x 10″ deep. Tips measure 7 3/8″ (inches).

Reedbuck are common across large sections of Africa and are a popular species for photographers and hunters on safari. Add this item to any collection of exotic or African game species. Ready for display in the home, cabin, lodge or office.