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Silver (Black) Fox taxidermy skin for sale. P-118SF


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* Great coloring and thickness

* 54″ total length



This is a large black colored Silver Fox tube skin. It has been professionally tanned and is ready for display in the lodge, cabin, home or business. Lots of black in this pelt with a good amount of gray in the back (see attached photos). This skin/fur receives a rating of “Nice” due to the fact that it has damage to the tail and does not come with the feet or legs attached. Still a great colored piece that will go great with a group of North American furs or as an accent piece. Good hair thickness and length add to the softness of this fox.

Overall skin length is 54″ (inches). Fur can be hung on a wall or draped over a chair, shelf or other horizontal surface. Display with Red Fox, Coyote or other predators to make a stunning collection for display.