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Canadian Lynx tube skin taxidermy for sale. C-110LY


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* Excellent coloring and pattern

* Tube skin, tanned fur

* Total length of 56 inches



Here we have a great sized Lynx skin (or fur) that we are offering. A wonderfully soft skin with great coloring and spots. This item would go great with a collection of furs or as a stand alone piece for accent in the home, cabin, lodge or business.

This is a great sized cat with a length of 43″ (inches) from nose to tip of tail. Total length is 56″ when including the hind legs. There are no feet on this mount (see attached photos) and one leg was cut shorter than the others. We rate this mount as “Nice” due to the inconsistencies with the legs.

Add this taxidermy item to a collection of taxidermy predators and display where it can be properly appreciated. A beautiful Canada Lynx ready for display….