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Alaska Mountain Goat Shoulder mount for sale. O-120G


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* Trophy class 9 4/8″ horns

* Classic head forward pose



Here we have an Alaska Mountain Goat shoulder mount. This goat has great horn sizes with lengths of 9 4/8″ each. Bases measure 5 4/8″ and 5 3/8″ (inches). Total score for SCI is 29 7/8, which qualify as a Silver Medal Awards class set of horns. Mount features a head forward, looking forward pose. Nicely done taxidermy workmanship on this mount, with a great sized specimen for purchase to display in the lodge, cabin or business.

While the subject is excellent and we love the pose for a Mountain Goat, there are some condition issues that need to be addressed… If you look closely at the mounts right side of the face, there is a line visible near the ear where a repair has been made (see attached photos). Also the very tips of the 2 ears have been damaged. Finally the coat is not a bright white hair that we like to see in pristine examples for the species. While the hair has good thickness and length, it is not the best colored example. Still with these detractors, this is a harder to find species and mount with great horn size and pose. We have rated this item as “Nice” and feel it would still make a good display item for collectors of North American big game species.

Overall mount size is 26″ high x 14″ wide x 19″ deep (from the wall into the room). Item hangs on a single fastener.